Social model of dis/ability

I wish more people understood that the social model of dis/ability can include medical interventions; it is not necessarily instead of them. It's possible for those of us who require or prefer to access medical care to do so without lapping up pathologisation. The standards of care imposed on us have a way's to go yet … Continue reading Social model of dis/ability


Awareness moment: political changes, access to care

For those not familiar with Canada: health care is provincial, unless you live in a territory, reservation, are in the army or federal prison. Trans Ontarians can get lower surgery in Europe or the US covered under Ontario's public health insurance (OHIP), but people from most of the rest of the country are limited to … Continue reading Awareness moment: political changes, access to care

Responses to daily transphobia

How to deal with misgendering and casual transphobia or [intentional] transphobia disguised as casual, especially when coming from queer people, allies and feminists would be appreciated too. You mentioned in your blog that you have built up psychological defenses against casual misgendering and cissexism, I’m curious to know what they are because that’s something I … Continue reading Responses to daily transphobia

Physical Recovery Process Following Phalloplasty

I’d like to know more about the physical and emotional recovery process from phalloplasty... TW discussion of wounds, and other injuries Here's the link to my primer to lower surgeries. I've previously written in humourous terms about my recovery process, and expanded on stigma and horizontal hostility towards lower surgeries. I elaborated on dysphoria in the lead … Continue reading Physical Recovery Process Following Phalloplasty