Coming Out Burn Out

I can't be arsed to remind some of my older relatives that I'm still bi. I told them all nearly 2 decades ago, but bi-erasure is real. A lot of them presumed my bi-ness was a phase and I was straight after all. Others explicitly told me they could accept me being straight or gay … Continue reading Coming Out Burn Out


7 Most Common Questions I Get on Trans Forums and my Killjoy Answers

I present these in no particular order. Please let me know which questions you wish you could never be asked again. “When did you start having facial hair?!?” I had some pre-T. Not everyone can grow facial hair. Facial hair should not be a litmus test. “When do you feel masculine?” What do you mean … Continue reading 7 Most Common Questions I Get on Trans Forums and my Killjoy Answers

Inquiry: Dating Post-Op (some TMI)

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to navigate the dating world (and medical/healthcare world, different topic) despite being post-transition, post-bottom surgery, which comes with the assumption that these facets of life are easier to deal with post-transition. And it's becoming ever-increasingly isolating, nevertheless frustrating, feeling entirely on my own in this. The lack of experience regarding … Continue reading Inquiry: Dating Post-Op (some TMI)

The Weirdness of Adjusting to a New Body Shape (TMI ahead)

In my experience, something often misunderstood, is how the "subconscious" part of the brain can take a moment to adjust to a body's new shape following surgery. I had a weird sensation in my eyes the first time I saw my chest post-op. Some part of my brain was certain that my eyes were mis-transmitting … Continue reading The Weirdness of Adjusting to a New Body Shape (TMI ahead)

Self-Awareness post-transition but still dysphoric

Standard disclaimer: my experience may not mirror yours. The timeline and specifics of what follows will vary pending one's access to medical care (especially surgical care, if required) and what your dysphoria triggers are. This is a snapshot of the validation I struggled to find for years. From roughly a year into hormone therapy until … Continue reading Self-Awareness post-transition but still dysphoric