Sex positive inquiry: glansoplasty and penetration

Does having the glans done help with (make it easier) penetration? Thanks for your great question! I feel like no, but in truth, I only tried having penetrative sex once before having glansoplasty. It was no easier/more difficult post-glansoplasty, as glansoplasty doesn't change the density of the glans or shaft, which was my issue. Some … Continue reading Sex positive inquiry: glansoplasty and penetration

Inquiry: Scrotum hang

Was there a way to stretch your potential scrotum skin so that when you got the implants they could hang a bit more lower and look a little more aesthetically natural? . idk how to word it sorry My surgeon had me do a total expansion between formation of scrotum and getting scrotal implants. I … Continue reading Inquiry: Scrotum hang

TDOR 2020

Today brings up a lot of feelings.I'm reminded of the wisdom a mentor shared with me a long time ago. During the Q&A following an anti-queerphobia/transphobia workshop, it was important to challenge the "easier" conversations more participants were willing/hoping to have (e.g. asking the trans/non-binary presenter what their name of origin was.) Besides being a … Continue reading TDOR 2020