Still Learning to Carry Grief

Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried. - Megan Devine I continue reflecting on ways to move forward in a healthy manner. Acknowledging I have things to grieve is not in contradiction with having reconciled with my past. I'm at peace with being trans and I still hurt from the … Continue reading Still Learning to Carry Grief


I revel in the different ways my body is taken up; I loathe when people project a narrow-minded binary narrative unto my scars. Lots of people read me as a (cis) gay guy. Seldom are they bassing this on same-sex displays of affection, most often they're misinterpreting my body size. They project some form of femininity unto … Continue reading Controversial


In my neck of the Tumblr woods, we're talking dysphoria/trans feelings (the authentic need to abdicate your female body for the rightness of a male body) versus masculine/butch feelings (the acceptance of your female body but with the rightness of masculinity overlaying it). Thoughts? How might a butch lesbian explore this? What would help her … Continue reading Inquiry