Awareness, plays on my name

I grew up with a name familiar enough that most people knew how to pronounce it (save for dropping its accent and the differences in how it’s said in my mother tongue and how it’s spelled and said in English. e.g. Émilie vs Emily) but rare enough that no one else in my social networks had it. I had such a sour association to that name, I didn’t realise this was one of the things it turned out I liked about it and wish I had maintained this aspect with my chosen one as a “link” between the past and now. As such, I wound up picking a name whose English equivalent is super common, and the short form lends itself to a lot of play on words

I don’t mind most the jokes; they’re largely harmless. But people make them assuming I heard them constantly growing up and instead I have this moment of “hah, that’s a new-to-me one!” or at least a sudden awareness of how this never happened growing up.

I don’t mind sharing my name with many other people, the hyperawareness of that differences between the names from the 1st few years has dulled with time. But I enjoy that it’s an “excuse” to go by the non-English long form (I otherwise respond to the English long form of my name, as I did with my prior name.)

For a while I contemplated changing names again but can’t imagine going through the whole legal headache again. I faintly tried changing it socially but none of my friends were having it. There you go. #smallpotato

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