Relationship to thrill restored

I've loved roller coasters and other thrill seeking activities since I was a child. In the wake of my 1st stage of lower surgeries, and the post-op depression that followed, I became a coward.  My body had trust my mind to look out for its best interest and instead I'd dragged it through tremendous trauma, … Continue reading Relationship to thrill restored

STBBI risk post-lower surgery

I have a question. Feel free not to answer as well if you don't want to (since I'm probably going to have bottom surgery in the future) when it comes to STDs do you have an increase or decrease of getting them? I mean, I know bottom surgery isn't like a get away free card on … Continue reading STBBI risk post-lower surgery

The silver lining to the trans broken arm syndrome?

As mentioned in an earlier entry, I'm trying to finally address some of my chronic health concerns. Thus far with little success. So it was with cautious optimism I began consulting with surgeons. They habitually asked me to outlined all prior surgeries, thus they both knew my medical history. That was enough to turn the … Continue reading The silver lining to the trans broken arm syndrome?