Awareness moment: Return of the zombie name

I’ve been asked to produce a record from 4 years before my legal name change. In the name of keeping my zombie name out of my immigration process, I contacted the institution behind aforementioned record and requested a new copy be issued reflecting my transition.

They’re ok with the request in theory, but in practice they want me to produce “before” documentation (their wording, ewe) along with legal proof of my name change. I explained how illegal it would be for me to have said documentation, and thus what I can legally and happily provide. They’re thinking it through. Ugh.

How I wish that name would stay buried. Here we are, nearly 15 years later, and still it rises at the least opportune moments. Gah…

P.s. this is an international org, not bound by any anti-discrimination legislation. I don’t need advice on how surely they can’t deny me this, they sure can. And I’d love to humour you with surely the local bureaucracy wouldn’t make me regret disclosing (my medical history/zombie name), but all available evidence and pass experience in similar scenarios assures me I would.


ETA: they updated my records!

One thought on “Awareness moment: Return of the zombie name

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