Body and Sexuality through out transition

[How you] processed your relationship to your body in a sexual/emotional sense, and with a focus on how you dealt with yourself emotionally. You also mentioned your kinks subsided, I’m curious about that too, because I feel like I didn’t really know myself sexually until transition and I wonder how much of that is still … Continue reading Body and Sexuality through out transition

Physical Recovery Process Following Phalloplasty

I’d like to know more about the physical and emotional recovery process from phalloplasty... TW discussion of wounds, and other injuries Here's the link to my primer to lower surgeries. I've previously written in humourous terms about my recovery process, and expanded on stigma and horizontal hostility towards lower surgeries. I elaborated on dysphoria in the lead … Continue reading Physical Recovery Process Following Phalloplasty

Shocked when I shouldn’t be

My parents weren't supportive when I came out as trans (understatement.) In the 15 or so years since, after much estrangement, we've patched together a strained relationship. Today, my mother learnt of systemic transphobia I've endured. The conversation started because my new gp's office called to confirm my appointment. They got my mother, and it … Continue reading Shocked when I shouldn’t be