Self-awareness, recalling pre-transition lived experience

Content Note: this entry nonchalantly acknowledges that I once had breasts. I had small breasts, A cups. During the few years between when they came around and I started binding, I mostly wore sport bras. On the rare occasions that I wore a "regular" bra, and even fewer times that was combined with a low … Continue reading Self-awareness, recalling pre-transition lived experience

Body image, fitness, and fitting in at a gym

I've hesitated to write about this because I appreciate how much fitness stuff can be a turn off or trigger for many. I will never become the person to glorify fitness as the cure-all or must-do for anyone. I'm body positive, and this entire entry is basically on how I worked through and around the … Continue reading Body image, fitness, and fitting in at a gym

Responses to daily transphobia

How to deal with misgendering and casual transphobia or [intentional] transphobia disguised as casual, especially when coming from queer people, allies and feminists would be appreciated too. You mentioned in your blog that you have built up psychological defenses against casual misgendering and cissexism, I’m curious to know what they are because that’s something I … Continue reading Responses to daily transphobia