Awareness moment: hair

I used to have symmetrical body hair. Since lower surgery, there are bald patches from where skin stretched over the course of my donor site incisions healing. I consider shaving the uneven part, though I’ve yet to do it. I considered getting hair tattooed but ruled that out.

I had full thickness grafts put over one of my donor sites. I’ve got more hair growing on them than I do in its mirror part that wasn’t a donor site.

Now that I’ve shaving my head, I’m even more aware of how my hormone therapy caused this, that I got my balding X chromosome from my dad, etc.

No one who looks at my baldness, bald spots or places where I have significantly more hair than elsewhere, thinks much about any of it. Every time I do, I’m acutely aware of the cumulative reasons my hair is the way it is.

2 thoughts on “Awareness moment: hair

    • The gene for baldness is on the X chromosome. So for guys with XY chromosomes, they get their Y from their dad (or trans mother, potentially) and their X from their mum (or trans dad, potentially). So the cishetnormative saying goes to look at one’s maternal grand-father, since he too if he was cis, had only one X chromosome he definitely passed onto his XX daughter/one’s mother.

      But that rule doesn’t apply to trans men, presuming they have 2 X chromosomes. Trans men have twice the odds of balding, as we can inherit a balding X chromosome from either parent.

      My dad is bald, my paternal grand-mother had very thin hair. My maternal grand-father died with a full head of thick hair, which my mother inherited. I had my paternal grand-mother’s thin hair, and with T, gradually but surely went bald, just like my dad.


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