Dear trans siblings,

Cis does not equate to fertility.

Having one or more ovary and/or a uterus does not guarantee the ability to menstruate, provide an egg and/or carry a pregnancy to term.

The entire fertility industry and surrogacy services is predicated on cishet people sometimes requiring them. Infertility is something some cis and trans people have in common.

Some trans people were born infertile.
Some trans people were adopted.
Some trans people who were born infertile were also adopted.

Trans doesn’t equate to infertility or “improper” fertility.

Contributing to the making of children doesn’t automatically make one a parent. Take: surrogate services, gamete donors, among other examples.

All parents are real parents, regardless of their medical history and contribution, or lack thereof, to the making of their children and/or how they became legal guardians to their children.

Congenitally infertile trans people, adopted trans people, and those who are congenitally infertile and adopted, are tired of your essentialisms around the “proper” way to become a gendered parent in trans forums.

They’re especially tired of trans forums moderators who let these conversations go unchecked, especially after someone has identified themselves as congenitally infertile and/or adopted. The erasure of infertility and/or adoption, while widely relatable among those who were not born infertile nor were adopted, reeks of cishetnormativity.

One of the ways to combat the dysphoria and/or internalised transphobia of wishing one was cis around desires for an emerging family is to recognise that infertility isn’t specific to, nor automatic, among trans people who medically transition.

Love to all


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