Lower surgery inquiry: phallo or meta?

Which would you prefer if you had the choice and money wasn’t an issue and why? Also does anyone know if you had meta if you could later have a penile implant??

Both are covered through my insurance, so both were options.

From my biased perspective, the pros of meta are:
-fewer trips to the OR
– less time off work
– no visible scarring
– less chance of complication
– little chance of loss in sensation

These are all things that matter to me. I’ve come across less than a handful of cases of temporary partial loss of sensation from meta. But sensation wasn’t my top priority so that wasn’t a deciding factor for me.

Reflecting my priorities, the pros of phallo are:
– feeling safer in public showers
– feeling safer in change rooms
– feeling safer in urinals (listed separately to capture how much more often I’d feel safer)
– possibility of penile implant* (thus penetrative sex)
– greater size meant greater reduction in dysphoria

I realised I wouldn’t get “all the bells and whistles” (i.e. glansoplasty, urethral lengthening, ball implants, penile implants) in under 3 trips to the OR no matter which phallo technique I chose. I knew it came with greater risk of complications, greater scarring, and more time off work. But those were things I felt were necessary to endure to reach the most of my hopes for genital reconstruction. I cared some about sensation and figured out ways I could reasonably expect to achieve a minimum of satisfactory sensation if not indeed maintaining sensation. One of the ways I did this was by effectively getting meta done at the same time as my phallo, and keeping my natal glans outside of it following stage 1. I got to experience the pros and cons of this before deciding I’d prefer to have it buried and have nerve hook-up done.

I know guys who feel safe in public showers without lower surgery or with meta, but I knew that wouldn’t be my case. I’ve had a lot of close calls in public toilets.

jacob-ufkes-dog grief-unsplash
[Picture by Jacob Ufkes from Unsplash. Description: a golden retriever laying on a bed in a dark bedroom.]

*To answer your last question, I’ve never come across a penile implant small enough to fit inside a meta dick. Even among those who successfully pumped to ~3.5 inches, it doesn’t translate to a similar gain in girth, and that’s just as important for an implant. Even if one were to come small enough, space has to be made for the implant. In a phallo, there’s no impact to sensation when they squish the hypodermis/adipose tissue for the implant. It would play out differently in a meta dick, but I couldn’t tell you how, that’d be up to a surgeon. I don’t know to what extent the experience of integrating a penile implant into a cis man’s dick, though similar in structure to that of a meta dick, would be useful. While both contain spongy tissue, only one starts off with a urethra, and there may be other differences that would not make it relevant parallel experience. Again someone with greater anatomical and surgical knowledge might know the answer.

If you meant to ask whether a meta could be followed by a phallo, than yes, that happens all the time. But, fewer and fewer health insurances cover this, so best to check with yours.

At the end of the day, it’s all about figuring out what you want post-genital reconstruction and which technique will meet most/all of your goals. While financing is no small potato, it isn’t the only factor to consider.

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