Transition and My Ethnocultural Background

Has transition changed how others take up your ethnocultural background(s)? Has it changed your perception of your ethnoculture(s)? Yes and no. My white and citizenship privileges remain constants but amplified as my masculinity has aged. The cultural stereotypes and expectations placed on me have shifted as has their mingling with my sexuality. When people interacted … Continue reading Transition and My Ethnocultural Background

On Disclosure

Disclosure has its merits and draw backs. I don’t feel “more authentic” whether I disclose or don’t. Arguments in favour of non disclosure should neither start or end with safety concerns. Yes, safety is a totally valid reason in and of itself. But there are other equally valid, stand alone, reasons not to disclose even … Continue reading On Disclosure

Changes in behaviour or psychology

NB: acknowledgement that I'm a sexual assault survivor, but no discussion of assaults.  Also intimate TMI ahead. If TMI could disturb you, don’t read past *****. Transition, transphobia and the things that came along with these have changed me. I’m quieter, calmer and less angry than I was prior to transition. This is all relative … Continue reading Changes in behaviour or psychology

Hopes for the future – a wish list

Decriminilisation of sex work globally (I see you NZ!) Decriminalisation of HIV globally Decriminalisation of all drugs globally (SO to Portugal!) Actual legal recognition that trans women are women no more "bathroom" bills Actual legal regonition that trans men are men Decriminalisation of "sex by deceit" in the UK Guaranteed minimum income globally Universal, adaptable, … Continue reading Hopes for the future – a wish list