Underwear to do sports following phalloplasty

Hi guy, I have a uncommon question, what kind of underwear do you use to run after your phalloplastie?

Im 6 weeks post op and cant figure out how I will be comfortable went I will come back to obstacles courses… i have a little more than 5 inch and my sport underwear are not doing the job actually just for a walk… I will have to change for sure but I want some advise from guys that do extremes sports and have at least 5 inch ?

Im pretty sure in few weeks my dick will be less swelling too, but im pretty sure it will not going to be less long. Not to complain for sure 😅😅

Its really a big struggling for sport for me… im a goaltender too and dont want to be hit by a puck on it if its fall out of my jack strap hahaha

Salut, not an uncommon question at all, especially among those with more length!

I don’t run obstacle courses or play hockey, but 2 of the sports I play the most often involve a lot of sudden, quick moves of the leg and pelvis.

I’m not restricted by brand, but rather by underwear type. Only flyless, bikini style briefs or jockstraps keep my dick from falling down the side or through a fly. I’ve enjoyed some from H&M, Nasty Pig, Kirkland’s and others. If there’s a fly, it takes very little time before my dick sneaks his way out. If it’s boxer briefs, down the side he goes, and that gets uncomfortable real fast.

I always packed down during my years of using a packer. But I quickly learnt this was uncomfortable for me post-op, possibly because my dick is longer than my packer was. Underwear wearing after phalloplasty is all about learning by trial and error.

Bonne continuation de convalescence !


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