Cis People’s Obsession With Gender

My issue isn’t with stuff being gendered for some people. Rather it's if stuff is gendered in a particular way for everyone. Some people wear make up as part of feeling and expressing their femininity. Don’t tell them that’s wrong for them. If you don’t wear make up to express femininity or it doesn’t make … Continue reading Cis People’s Obsession With Gender

Discussing Trans with Little Ones

Kids are clever, and when it comes to learning, they're sponges. Discussing gender with them should not be hard. Here are suggestions, with kids under 9 years of age in mind. Keep it specific. Talk about a specific person. Beginning with the range of possible gender identities can overwhelm or needlessly make gender seem abstract. … Continue reading Discussing Trans with Little Ones

5 Tips for Those who Love Someone with Dysphoria

Witnessing a love one suffer is difficult. Being around someone struggling with dysphoria can be heart-wrenching, especially if you like them as they are and/or are a "fixer". Many of us want to fix others. I think that is one reason why some people become social workers and psychologists. However, this is a healthy outlet … Continue reading 5 Tips for Those who Love Someone with Dysphoria

Violence towards us and suicide

CN bullying, sexual assaults, domestic abuse, suicide, horizontal hostility Violence and deaths out of time (as Bereaved Families of Ontario refers to them) have been a significant part of my life. My toddler years best friend lost a minimum of a button a week while defending me from playground bullies. His mother scolded him after resowing the … Continue reading Violence towards us and suicide

Things seldom discussed in “trans spaces”

This is based on my experience of IRL spaces in anglophone dominated spaces whether IRL in the US, Canada, UK or NZ, or in English language forums online. In no particular order: Anything that happens after chest reconstruction and 2 years on hormones Any culture's understanding of gender besides white anglophone Growing old / being … Continue reading Things seldom discussed in “trans spaces”

Surgery inquiry: chest reconstruction

I'm booked for chest reconstruction, but still don't know what to expect.Exciting!Content Note: this entry will contain 1 picture of JP drains that contains some blood (link contains another similar picture) to help illustrate what we're discussing. Neither picture shows surgical results.Regardless of what surgery you get (reverse T anchor, double incision, keyhole or periocular) … Continue reading Surgery inquiry: chest reconstruction