Self-Awareness post-transition but still dysphoric

Standard disclaimer: my experience may not mirror yours. The timeline and specifics of what follows will vary pending one's access to medical care (especially surgical care, if required) and what your dysphoria triggers are. This is a snapshot of the validation I struggled to find for years. From roughly a year into hormone therapy until … Continue reading Self-Awareness post-transition but still dysphoric

TMI Self-Awareness: Post-op Voiding After Drinking

I had urethraplasty in 2014, everything's been done healing for years. Sober, my stream is straight. But it doesn't take much alcohol to turn me into a messy sprayer. If I'm peeing into a urinal at a bar, not a problem. But often after 2-3 pints I forget this side effect, and especially if I'm … Continue reading TMI Self-Awareness: Post-op Voiding After Drinking