Pump Inquiries – TMI content

I’m 8 weeks post op with a pump and 1 rod. When you deflate, how firm is your penis? Mine seems to still be pretty firm and I’m not sure what “empty” should feel like. I think I’m getting better at deflating but maybe I still have some residual swelling. It just seems so firm that I’m second guessing it. Also, when you inflate, at what angle do you get to? For example, I stay at the same angle when I inflate and deflate. There is zero change.

I’m as flaccid when deflated as I was pre-implant. But at 8 weeks, you still have post-op swelling going on.

Can you feel the rod? When deflated, it should kinda feel like a vein, something you can slightly move around, not firm at all, but mostly staying in place.

If I’m standing, I gain maybe 10 degrees of angle, it’s subtle, if you blink, you miss it.
If I lay on my back, it goes from laying flat against me to hovering above my tummy.
The angle of erection depends on the weight of the dick. The device was meant for cis cocks, which are primarily made of spongy tissue, which weigh less than ours, which are primarily made of thick-ish skin. The skin covering a cis cock is about as thin as the skin of your eyelid. There’s some variation among surgically reconstructed cocks, pending if the skin came from in front of the tibia, forearm through to those made from thigh or abdominal skin. But regardless, all our cocks weigh more than they would if they were made of thinner skin and filled with spongy tissue instead.

The good news is that the implants get us plenty hard regardless, but the angle suffers from the additional weight. It is possible you might gain some angle when erect as the post-op swelling goes away, but it’s unlikely to be much, if anything. Guys with slimmer and shorter dicks fair better in this department than we do, but that’s also not without its parallel to the situation among cis men.

If it’s any comfort, I’ve not had a single person, whether they knew my medical history or not, in 4+ years make a comment about the angle of my erections. Mostly people care that it gets erect. Given I can hold it to point it any which way I care for (similarly true for those who do get better angles of erections), it seems unlikely anyone will ever find my lack of angle to matter in the end. But I appreciate that it’s a symbol of virility valued by some guys, and can lead to some insecurity.  I will give one upshot to the lack of erection angle, along with the fact that our erections don’t impede our ability to pee, if I need to void in the middle of a sexual marathon, I don’t need to deflate or redirect my dick to point towards the toilet. Modest silver lining.

I hope this has been helpful. Best wishes for your recovery to continue being smooth and uneventful.

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