Self-Awareness: shopping for toddler toys

Any time I go through the toddler toy section of a store, I cringe. The vast majority is needlessly gendered. I feel sick when I consider being grateful the toddler girl stuff isn’t sexualised. There are Halloween costumes for elementary school girls with the word sexy in their title. Shudder.

Some of it brings back previously buried memories of games I wanted to play as a kid but was prevented by summer camp counselors, kindergarten staff, so on. Some of it brings back memories of games I was pressured to play because they were games girls were expected to play. If they hadn’t been gendered, I probably would have enjoyed skipping rope and jumping elastics. But having these games framed as “this is what girls do while the boys play with toy cars, and guns” left a sour taste in my mouth.

It’s intense to combat the projection of gender norms onto the kids. And have that doubled with intense memories of having norms enforced on me.

On the plus side, unicorns are Scotland’s national animal, as well as a queer symbol. I’m part Scottish, queer AF so I buy all sort of unicorn theme games, books, and run with it.

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