Gender variance in the family

If one more relative tells me of some gender non conforming thing their kid’s done, I’ll run out these forced awkward smiles. It’s telling to me it’s consistently done in the strictest confidence (no other relative must know!) before downplaying it with “obv it means nothing in her case cause after drawing on a beard she rushes to put on a dress so….” or “isn’t that hilar?!?” when not preceded or followed by “thought of you!”

A) No, I don’t think the slightest deviation from typical gender norms necessarily indicates someone’s GNC/GIK/non-binary/trans either. But it might. Either way, support your kid’s gender creativity. Stop mocking it and then scooting your child right along and intentionally away from such things. Nothing subtle about what this reveals of your feelings towards transition.

B) Yes, I still remember I’m trans too. And that for those of you who I have little and scarce interaction with, this remains the number one thing you think about in relation to me. I think of myself as an individual with multiple interests and defining features. I’m not saying never mention it to me, but perhaps vary it up with how seeing other bald people makes you think of me or something similar. Might as well diversify which awkward part of me you shine acute focus on.

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