TMI Self-Awareness: Post-op Voiding After Drinking

I had urethraplasty in 2014, everything’s been done healing for years. Sober, my stream is straight. But it doesn’t take much alcohol to turn me into a messy sprayer.

If I’m peeing into a urinal at a bar, not a problem. But often after 2-3 pints I forget this side effect, and especially if I’m at a friend’s home, I live to regret my choice to drink. Next thing I know, I’m washing the floor around the bowl.

I could sit to pee to avoid this, but less than sober me doesn’t usually remember this until it’s too late. I presume it’s one of the “quirks” of having surgically reconstructed junk, though it might also explain why men’s toilets in bars are especially disgusting.

Once I sober up, my stream returns to its normal self. I’m not concerned from a medical/physiological stand point.

I’m not sure if it’s about the alcohol dehydrating the skin that makes up my urethral extension or alcohol causing minor swelling. I don’t notice alcohol dehydrating the rest of my skin. The other time I was consistently a sprayer was in the early days of recovery when I had a lot of post-op swelling, but I don’t feel swollen from the vasodilation as I drink, and I don’t remember having the equivalent problem pre-urethraplasty. So I’m not sure if either are significant factors, if it’s about both combined or something else. It’s one of those things I haven’t come across others discussing so I’m putting it out there.

It’s not meant to be deeply insightful or anything. Just another moment when I’m self-aware of my medical history.

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