Trans Older Facial Hair Inquiry

When I grow a long beard, I notice that I get an excessive amount of comments about it from strangers. I have mixed feelings about people commenting on my beard. On the one hand, it seems like some of these people are just trying to make conversation with me, and I don't think that's a bad … Continue reading Trans Older Facial Hair Inquiry

Surreal. Baffling.

This isn't going where you'll initially think it will. I would argue this is SFW but ymmv. It appears that someone took portions of this blog and posted it on Reddit without linking it back but instead attributing it to my Reddit username (which does not imply I'm trans.) A few weeks ago I got a … Continue reading Surreal. Baffling.

Examples of Queer Culture

This is an adjoining piece in a way to the one on transnormativity, but instead of being snapshots of homonormativity, it's tidbits of queer culture. Family is a matter of choice. Chosen family, and Houses are cornerstones of queerness. Drag, Courts systems, Ballroom communities, Drag Queen Storytelling , LGBTIQ centred film festivals, conferences, sport leagues, choirs, … Continue reading Examples of Queer Culture

Examples of Transnormativity

When non-binary people are denied access to hormone therapy and/or chest reconstruction for not being binary. The fact that very few clinics have non-binary people centred hormone therapy protocols that diverge from the protocol for binary trans people. WPATH requiring 1 year "real life experience" to access lower surgeries. The stigma around transmasc people enjoying … Continue reading Examples of Transnormativity

Internalised Transphobia Inquiry

internalized transphobia: do you experience it? what do you do about it? I used to swim in internalized transphobia. It helped that I went through the process of challenging my internalised French-Canadian-living-in-English-Canada phobia and biphobia, these provided models of how much healthier it was to not hate myself over part of myself. I knew it … Continue reading Internalised Transphobia Inquiry