Surgical Inquiry: medical tattooing

Hey I was wondering if you knew anything about the potential of getting medical tattooing on a finished phalloplasty result? It seems like a good tattoo artist might be able to make it look more detailed.

I have my glans tattooed to address the monochromatic issue and it helps give the illusion of greater definition of where my glans ends where I scared a bit more behind it.

A few things to know about the process:
a. it should be done prior to getting a penile implant (if you’re getting one at all)
b. it may take a few sessions to go over the same things because the scar tissue inherent in something surgically constructed can cause the skin to reject the ink
c. some tattoo artists will want a note from a medical provider that this is safe to do or whatever
d. get it done sooner rather than later, so you feel it as little as possible

It took 2 maybe 3 sessions for enough of the colour to stay with mine. My tattoo artist was a fellow trans guy so he didn’t require a letter.

On a funny side note, the separate studios at his shop are divided by relatively low cubicle walls, so his fellow artists and customers thought I was some sort of bad ass guy who turned down a cock ring and didn’t flinch at all. I had the 1st session done before I had sensation that far up. I still seemed bad ass the 2nd time because again another artist said “wait, you need a cock ring” and I answered “nah, I’m good” and I seemed stoic though I was starting to feel a little.

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