Surgery Inquiry: Items Recommendation

Any recommendations on items that made your life better while recovering from Phallo?Example: an elevated toilet, mini fan…thanks!!! In no particular order, here are my top recommendations: A cleansing bottle (link for an image and description, I'm not endorsing Amazon/this specific model)While I was a bleeding mess, and showers were a challenge, I would sit … Continue reading Surgery Inquiry: Items Recommendation

Sex positive inquiry: glansoplasty and penetration

Does having the glans done help with (make it easier) penetration? Thanks for your great question! I feel like no, but in truth, I only tried having penetrative sex once before having glansoplasty. It was no easier/more difficult post-glansoplasty, as glansoplasty doesn't change the density of the glans or shaft, which was my issue. Some … Continue reading Sex positive inquiry: glansoplasty and penetration