Focusing on the Good Stuff

Apologies for being MIA. There’s an ongoing crisis in my life, which has nothing to do with my health history or sexuality. Things will get sorted eventually, but it’s dominating my head space.

I’ve begun recording to create a podcast heavily based on this blog. It’s too soon to say more, but it feels good to try out a new medium, learn about it, etc.

Immigration stuff is on a roll. Grateful to the trans competent lawyer for how my name of origin was handled.

We are taking preliminary steps with a surrogate. No doubt lots of twists and turns ahead, but the materialising possibility is a source of delight for us to focus on for our future. It feels weird to be both very much at the centre of all of this and once removed all the same. The hopeful donors are starting to get checked out by doctors; meanwhile I sit tight and await updates. Far be it a complaint, I have to make no changes to my sex life or alcohol consumption, but it stands in contrast to how society overwhelmingly discusses baby making.

A friend of mine is dating a trans masc person. I met her partner, it seemed relevant enough to disclose, and we get on. Unexpectedly my friend showed concerned that her partner and I would become better friends because we’re trans. I managed to reassure her that our friendship is solid, but I never get used to that being a thing thrown my way. The first time, my friend, who actually turned out to be a trans guy, figured I would prefer to remain friends with their partner who had started hormone therapy around the same time as me. Thus without discussing a thing with me, he chose to ghost me after their break up. Subsequent times were less brutal, but what a trip every time. On this occasion, I’m glad it’s renewed the friendship. Spoiler alert: I don’t have a preference between my friends being trans or cis.

Hopefully I will have the time and energy to post again sooner rather than later. I miss being on this platform.

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