Unusual Work Situation

I got a promotion at work! I’m part of a different team, and the new responsibilities are more up my alley than the previous ones were. It’s been a manageable learning curve so far, and while it isn’t work I would have sought out prior to the pandemic, I’m proud of myself for making the best of this and positioning myself for bigger and better things in the future.

I’m open about being bi at work, I haven’t told colleagues or those who report to me about my health history. A non-binary person picked up via my choice of words and actions that I was a supportive person, and with a little “beyond the scene” help form yours truly, they began their social transition at work. That’s what matters to me, that I’m recognised as a safe person to share trans related stuff if there’s reason to share it, and that I’ll support with whatever that person needs to be their authentic self at work.

My manager has seen my “professional trans queer” CV, I presume they’ve worked out that I’m trans as well, but perhaps they’re allowing for the possibility that I’m rather an epic ally. In and of itself, who cares; I don’t prefer to disclose. I got trans vibes during my first interactions with them, but they haven’t brought it up. I’ve been happy to respect that choice, all too similar to my own.

The “but” comes when artificial intelligence did its thing, and my partner came to unintentionally find my direct manager’s profile on a social media platform, along with a few things about their life early in transition that they definitely wouldn’t want anyone to stumble onto. I would bet money this person doesn’t realise that this is happening because they use a personal phone to access some work related apps, and that they have no idea how their privacy settings on social media content is such that there’s info readily accessible that they would not want just anyone knowing.

Part of me feels compelled to tell them how to alter their social media presence to not reveal what we accidentally found out. Part of me worries they would be embarrassed, possibly take badly that we know out of embarrassment or whatever. For now, I’ve done nothing about it and mostly it feels like the better choice unless I come to have a better sense of if/how I should disclose the availability of the information we stumbled across to my boss.

What an unexpected chapter along my trans at work journey. I have a trans boss who is similarly-it-seems low disclosure. They may know I’m trans, they seemingly have no reason to know that I know about their health history. So here we are behaving like 2 cis people to each other, which isn’t that different from how we would be behaving if both of us knew about each other’s health history. There’s one event thus far I think that would have unfolded differently; it involves someone confusing my boss for me, and the subsequent statements made about our genders. Hopefully such circumstances will be few and far between.

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