3 steps forward, 2 steps back

The emerging family plan continues if at a slower paste than previously hoped for, but there remains discernible forward movement overall.

It lends itself to more time to have more conversations better had and revisited if need be before there’s a child directly dependent on the conclusions to these convos. They continue to reaffirm the countless reasons I love my partner.

In un/related news, the more the process gets drawn out, that much more I miss the twins, above and beyond how this wretched pandemic already made me long for them. We have renewed our efforts to make the best of the virtual options but I hope against the current predictions that we will be able to see each other in person again, safely, sooner rather than later. They’ve been troopers through it all; I admire them more and more as they grow and flourish.

In other un/related news, I got a promotion at work a little while back. The pay raise isn’t much but despite the greater responsibilities, my overall stress level has gone down. It’s vastly reduced the amount of the task which brings me the most anxiety, the amount I still have to do of it is thus far more emotionally manageable. I have more spoons to dedicate to my family in my personal life.

The new tasks play much more into my strengths. I have my weekends back! I miss having 3 days off in a row, the greater ease with which to book appointments, but I appreciate more opportunities to make plans with friends, ability to attend community fostering events. It’s more time better suited to family activities.

I hesitate to say much more before more hopeful bits are more firmly nailed down. But our hopes for our emerging family members puts a smile on our faces even on the worse of days.

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