Throw Back: my grand-mother’s funeral

I was about 5 years on T when my grand-mother died. She was top notch supportive about my transition, but I have no idea to which extent she told her friends. At any rate, after her funeral, there were a dozen or so little old ladies in a small city convinced either their hearing has … Continue reading Throw Back: my grand-mother’s funeral

Surgical Inquiry: medical tattooing

Hey I was wondering if you knew anything about the potential of getting medical tattooing on a finished phalloplasty result? It seems like a good tattoo artist might be able to make it look more detailed. I have my glans tattooed to address the monochromatic issue and it helps give the illusion of greater definition … Continue reading Surgical Inquiry: medical tattooing

Funny Moment: a health promoter’s dream

I grew up with a pro-choice mum, and discussing reproductive rights in women only spaces. I never considered my personal relationship to these conversations, it bore no relevance to my sexual life. At my first job where I didn't disclose, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that cishet men discussed their (past and current) partners … Continue reading Funny Moment: a health promoter’s dream