Sex positive phalloplasty inquiries

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am currently on hrt and post top surgery.Now the dysphoria is completely focused on my bottom half. I’ve had extreme doubts and breakdowns over whether it was worth it because the dysphoria is not subsiding, it’s just shifting and sometimes intensifying.I had planned on phalloplasty but … Continue reading Sex positive phalloplasty inquiries

Question: déprime post-op

As tu eu le post op blues après la mamec ? [reste ôté pour maintenir l'anonymat.] Je ne l'ai pas eu suite à ma reconstruction du haut de torse ni mon hysto, mais je l'ai eu suite à ma phallo. J'ai écrit un paquet dessus (en anglais). C'est définitivement courant, suite à n'importe quelle chirurgie, … Continue reading Question: déprime post-op

Query: Insecurity in Open Relationship (TMI/NSFW text)

I've edited the prompt for a few reasons, but here is the spirit of it. I don't generally have internalised shame about being trans. But one situation that makes me feel dysphoric is when my primary partner goes on a date with a cis guy or non-binary AMAB person. I reject bodily essentialism in principle, … Continue reading Query: Insecurity in Open Relationship (TMI/NSFW text)