8 Positive Parts to My Transition

Choosing my nameOne of my names is after a maternal relative, and the other after a dear childhood friend who modelled none toxic masculinity. Making me a better parent, godparent, and mentorRemembering how adults in my life were invested in gender from my youngest of memories made me determined to do better by the children … Continue reading 8 Positive Parts to My Transition

Intersex Trans Survivor Reflections

CN for overview of 2 sexual abuse events, please check in with your headspace before reading this, and stop at any time if need be--- I'm intersex, a relevant dimension to this space for me. I survived coerced medical treatment to modify the functioning of my reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics in my early … Continue reading Intersex Trans Survivor Reflections

The 4 Ds of trans and intersex health care

I believe health care should be universal, accessible, equitable, and efficient. Trans and intersex health care should be: Decentralised - gender identity services are generally unsatisfactory. They enable lengthy wait lists as all trans people of a region or country who want to access publicly funded transition care are referred to understaffed teams to be … Continue reading The 4 Ds of trans and intersex health care