3 steps forward, 2 steps back

The emerging family plan continues if at a slower paste than previously hoped for, but there remains discernible forward movement overall. It lends itself to more time to have more conversations better had and revisited if need be before there's a child directly dependent on the conclusions to these convos. They continue to reaffirm the … Continue reading 3 steps forward, 2 steps back

8 Positive Parts to My Transition

Choosing my nameOne of my names is after a maternal relative, and the other after a dear childhood friend who modelled none toxic masculinity. Making me a better parent, godparent, and mentorRemembering how adults in my life were invested in gender from my youngest of memories made me determined to do better by the children … Continue reading 8 Positive Parts to My Transition

Query: Insecurity in Open Relationship (TMI/NSFW text)

I've edited the prompt for a few reasons, but here is the spirit of it. I don't generally have internalised shame about being trans. But one situation that makes me feel dysphoric is when my primary partner goes on a date with a cis guy or non-binary AMAB person. I reject bodily essentialism in principle, … Continue reading Query: Insecurity in Open Relationship (TMI/NSFW text)

Examples of Queer Culture

This is an adjoining piece in a way to the one on transnormativity, but instead of being snapshots of homonormativity, it's tidbits of queer culture. Family is a matter of choice. Chosen family, and Houses are cornerstones of queerness. Drag, Courts systems, Ballroom communities, Drag Queen Storytelling , LGBTIQ centred film festivals, conferences, sport leagues, choirs, … Continue reading Examples of Queer Culture