Lower Surgeries and Sense of Self

I recently filled out this survey for post-lower op guys. If you're post-meta or have at least had shaft reconstruction, fill it out. There's some flaws to the survey IMHO, but nothing offensive; and as worthy to participate in as another survey. This one's results are available in real time for members to access, which … Continue reading Lower Surgeries and Sense of Self

Unusual Work Situation

I got a promotion at work! I'm part of a different team, and the new responsibilities are more up my alley than the previous ones were. It's been a manageable learning curve so far, and while it isn't work I would have sought out prior to the pandemic, I'm proud of myself for making the … Continue reading Unusual Work Situation

TDOR 2020

Today brings up a lot of feelings.I'm reminded of the wisdom a mentor shared with me a long time ago. During the Q&A following an anti-queerphobia/transphobia workshop, it was important to challenge the "easier" conversations more participants were willing/hoping to have (e.g. asking the trans/non-binary presenter what their name of origin was.) Besides being a … Continue reading TDOR 2020