Indigenous Day

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, I would like to acknowledge the legacies, histories, accomplishments and realities of Indigenous people on the treaty territories and the unceded land of Turtle Island. I was born and mostly grew up in territories comprising the Kichi Sibi (Ottawa River) watershed, which were never surrendered or ceded by their traditional … Continue reading Indigenous Day

Awkward moment: introduction to gay men flirting

Years ago, I was leaning up against a post, watching a drag queen show. Suddenly, this gay guy shoves me off so forcely I hit the ground. I'm pissed for a moment, when he puts his hand out to help me back up. I think "oh, guess it was an accident." When it dawns on … Continue reading Awkward moment: introduction to gay men flirting

Prompt: dysphoria in and after intimate relationships

I know that my ex was fine with my penis, but the fact that he started dating cis men (presumably) after we broke up made me feel incredibly insecure and humiliated, and severely dysphoric. I think that is something I'd struggle with a partner too - wondering if they're thinking they could do better, or … Continue reading Prompt: dysphoria in and after intimate relationships

Don’t Derail the Narrative of Violent Deaths

We don't usually learn through hate, or violence, and we shouldn't. We learn through dialogue, non-violent experience, self-reflection, and so on. We don't need transphobia around for cis people to learn about trans folks. The Holocaust didn't occur for us to learn not to be antisemitic. We don't need terrorist attacks to learn not to … Continue reading Don’t Derail the Narrative of Violent Deaths

Physical Recovery Process Following Phalloplasty

I’d like to know more about the physical and emotional recovery process from phalloplasty... TW discussion of wounds, and other injuries Here's the link to my primer to lower surgeries. I've previously written in humourous terms about my recovery process, and expanded on stigma and horizontal hostility towards lower surgeries. I elaborated on dysphoria in the lead … Continue reading Physical Recovery Process Following Phalloplasty

Shocked when I shouldn’t be

My parents weren't supportive when I came out as trans (understatement.) In the 15 or so years since, after much estrangement, we've patched together a strained relationship. Today, my mother learnt of systemic transphobia I've endured. The conversation started because my new gp's office called to confirm my appointment. They got my mother, and it … Continue reading Shocked when I shouldn’t be