I’ve been mindful of terminology where I could but I’ve not come across a widely used alternative to menstruation or period itself. Only read on a day you’re in the head space to reflect on this stuff.

If your biggest trigger around periods is feeling and sitting in the wetness, tampons and cups may work. Those who don’t do frontal hole penetration may doubt their ability to insert tampons or cups. This may be a case of completely terrible self-care aka necessary evil. For some it’s worth to only have to deal with their period once every few hours instead of being hyper-aware with every single drip for 5 days.

Pending emerging family plans, hormone therapy or hysterectomy may be a shorter or longer term option.

They require more comfort with genitals than tampons do. Having said that, there offer advantages over tampons such as:
a. no risk of toxic shock syndrome
b. more environmentally friendly
c. no more passing at a cash register with “female” hygiene products (which can get you unfounded compliments if you’re read as male but can be uncomfortable for many)
d. the higher upfront cost quickly pays for itself in saving over pads & tampons
Here’s a web page with much good info on using one for those who have no prior relevant sex history. It’s gendered all over the place but it does acknowledge at the top that it isn’t only female who use them.

Hormone therapy options

The pill: skipping the sugar pills and starting right into the next one is an option

T: It typically takes 3 to 6 months (it can take much longer esp if you’re not consistent with your T regiment) to do it, but T atrophies ovaries.

Hormone blockers work as a limited time solution for teens.

Hysterectomy: you can get one without going on T if you don’t combine it with an oophorectomy or take estrogen based hormone therapy if you do. This may be an option for those who don’t want to or cannot go on T.

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