Lower Surgeries and Sense of Self

I recently filled out this survey for post-lower op guys. If you're post-meta or have at least had shaft reconstruction, fill it out. There's some flaws to the survey IMHO, but nothing offensive; and as worthy to participate in as another survey. This one's results are available in real time for members to access, which … Continue reading Lower Surgeries and Sense of Self

Unusual Work Situation

I got a promotion at work! I'm part of a different team, and the new responsibilities are more up my alley than the previous ones were. It's been a manageable learning curve so far, and while it isn't work I would have sought out prior to the pandemic, I'm proud of myself for making the … Continue reading Unusual Work Situation

TDOR 2020

Today brings up a lot of feelings.I'm reminded of the wisdom a mentor shared with me a long time ago. During the Q&A following an anti-queerphobia/transphobia workshop, it was important to challenge the "easier" conversations more participants were willing/hoping to have (e.g. asking the trans/non-binary presenter what their name of origin was.) Besides being a … Continue reading TDOR 2020

Post-Transition Experiences with Medical Professionals

I’m a big fan of your blog. I’d be interested personally to read about your experiences with medical professionals at any time after “starting” transition. Thank you! This got long, so there's a tl;dr at the end. CN This includes stories of medical misconduct. The first family physician I saw to start T was a … Continue reading Post-Transition Experiences with Medical Professionals

An Ailment that Probably Isn’t Related to Transition, and Definitely Impacted by the Pandemic

The frequency at which specialists suspect that my transition has something to do with why I have an ailment, and proposes some variation or another of stopping hormone therapy or interfering with my surgical outcomes is such that I very selectively disclose to specialists, and disengage with transphobic primary care providers as often as required. … Continue reading An Ailment that Probably Isn’t Related to Transition, and Definitely Impacted by the Pandemic