Unusual Work Situation

I got a promotion at work! I'm part of a different team, and the new responsibilities are more up my alley than the previous ones were. It's been a manageable learning curve so far, and while it isn't work I would have sought out prior to the pandemic, I'm proud of myself for making the … Continue reading Unusual Work Situation

Well Meaning… and Repulsive

This scene may feel all too familiar. You're getting to know a endocishet person, you've shared you're 2SLGBTIAQ, and this caused strain/a riff in your family of origin. They're very empathetic, and out of good intentions, they imply that they can be your substitute parent. As a culturally queer person, as someone adopted, and for … Continue reading Well Meaning… and Repulsive

TDOR 2020

Today brings up a lot of feelings.I'm reminded of the wisdom a mentor shared with me a long time ago. During the Q&A following an anti-queerphobia/transphobia workshop, it was important to challenge the "easier" conversations more participants were willing/hoping to have (e.g. asking the trans/non-binary presenter what their name of origin was.) Besides being a … Continue reading TDOR 2020

Article on Phalloplasty by Noah Adams

https://www.transadvocate.com/phalloplasty_n_32742.htm Thanks for joining me, Matt. I often hear and, in fact, I was listening to a recent Trans Advocate podcast that shared a similar sentiment, that phalloplasty, and transmasculine surgical services more generally, are bad or lacking. Matt: Yes, that sentiment is widespread. That one drives a lot of silence, both among those who … Continue reading Article on Phalloplasty by Noah Adams

Examples of Queer Culture

This is an adjoining piece in a way to the one on transnormativity, but instead of being snapshots of homonormativity, it's tidbits of queer culture. Family is a matter of choice. Chosen family, and Houses are cornerstones of queerness. Drag, Courts systems, Ballroom communities, Drag Queen Storytelling , LGBTIQ centred film festivals, conferences, sport leagues, choirs, … Continue reading Examples of Queer Culture